Vie Shair Headphones

Brand identity, Crowdfunding, Graphic design
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About This Project

We had the amazing opportunity to work for Vie Shair, a headphone company based out of Tokyo, Japan that created a modern twist on an old headphone design. Our mandate was to develop an eye-catching Kickstarter page experience in terms of visuals and layout design. We were also responsible for creating the visuals for their social media campaigns pre-launch and during the Kickstarter campaign itself. Below is a little bit about the business:

Vie Shair has a 3D molded air frame design floats the speaker just off your ear, and is extremely comfortable to wear. You can wear it with less stress and no sweat. It also allows you to interact with your environment while listening to your audio. VIE is Bluetooth enabled. Its core audio technology comes from Yamaha’s advanced MACH-5 codec, and the large, directional flat speakers provide superior sound quality. It can also broadcast audio to an unlimited number of VIE headsets. It’s a pain-free, safer and more social headphone.

We are very proud to have been apart of this project and are thrilled for the Vie Shair team that it was a great success! Go check them out today!

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