Vélorganic Racing Team

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About This Project

Some of our staff are major cyclists so when we were approached to sponsor a local cycling team we “attacked” when given the opportunity! Vélorganic Racing Team is a local Montreal cycling team that competes in both UCI and FQSC events. This team is made up of a bunch of guys that just love to ride so when we collaborated with them regarding their brand identity and 2015 team uniforms the end result was just terrific.

Taking an organic approach to their eating habits during the season they ride under the banner #rideorganic. As for their logo we developed a leaf that was put on its side with an arrow head pointing forwards inside the leaf illustrating forward momentum. We also created a version where the leaf is standing upright so that the arrow is now in the shape of a “V” for Vélorganic and is encircled by a cog. The background on all visuals including the teams uniforms had a subtle topographic detail to it illustrating the depth of terrain these lads face every season.

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