Revols Earphones

Brand identity, Crowdfunding, Graphic design
branding, earphones, indiegogo, kickstarter, print, revols, social media, technology
About This Project

The mission behind the Revols earphone project was to create a brand identity that properly illustrated the product and its groundbreaking stance in the tech industry. In collaboration with the companies industrial design team, Office for Product Design, we were able to create a powerful re-brand for Revols which rejuvenated their brand and set them apart from their competitors.

Our team was also in charge of designing Revols Kickstarter page from top to bottom. After having initially asked for $100,000 of initial funding, Revols broke the record for the largest and most successful campaign to come out of Kickstarter (Canada) ever topping at over $2.5 million in pledges from around the globe.

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