Linka Locks

Brand identity, Graphic design
apparel, banners, bike, branding, cycling, data sheet, large format signage, marketing, marketing sheet, smart bike lock, tradeshow
About This Project

Where bikes have been very common in areas like Europe they have only since become a more common means of transportation in North America. Linka Locks addresses a demand that many of us need. A bike lock that fits with todays no hassle culture. A lock that requires no key, no bag and syncs to your smartphone making it the worlds first smart bike lock. As our studio has many cyclists we attacked at the chance to be apart of this project. Our mandate was to create large format printing for a trade show wall banner, company banners, trade show apparel kits and marketing sheets including a data sheet with a good amount of educational information on the product. The biggest hurdle to overcome was to take the already established brand and evolve it with a proper font pairing along with choosing the right icon set that fit the companies look and needs.

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