Caffè In Gamba

Brand identity, Graphic design
branding, business card, caffè, coffee, coffee cup, logo design
About This Project

As a piece of café history in Montreal, Caffè In Gamba was a really fun project to work on. We were approached to create a complete redesign of their entire brand identity. The first element we created was the coffee cup. It is iconic chez Gamba to have red cups so we decided a red cup would make the perfect logo. The star in the middle calls to Gamba’s rich past and prosperous future. The typeface we chose was meant to illustrate a more Italian style with a modern twist which is why we see a clean serif font illustrating the cafés name paired with a modern san-serif font for secondary information. The overall brand was also meant to illustrate a sense of community. With the largest range of coffee roasters under one roof  as well as a diverse menu, Caffè In Gamba is definitely a cozy place for a phenomenal cup of quality coffee.

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